Tiling Cartoon Ground Textures

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Cartoon Tiling Textures rock
Cartoon Tiling Textures sand stone
Cartoon Tiling Textures cliff
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Tiling Cartoon Ground rock promo 1
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Tiling Cartoon Ground snow

Beautiful hand painted cartoon ground textures. All textures seamlessly tile horizontally and vertically. Includes 23 different textures in high resolution (2048×2048 png).

Inside the package:
Grass x5 | Rock x2
Cliff x4 | Dirt x3
Stone x3 | Sand x2
Snow x2 | Water x1
Pavement x1


— WebGL Demo —

Feedback is welcomed at the Unity Forum Thread

Sand and Water Update! v1.2
-7 new water/sand textures
-Web demo on store page

Rock and Cliff Update!
-Unity 5 Support
-Unity 4.2.1 Support
-6 new textures with rock/cliff theme