Pixel Weather FX Update 1.1

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Pixel Weather FX Update 1.1

An update has just released for my Pixel Weather FX. I added a particle scaler so you can more easily adjust the size of each effect to fit with your project. I also fixed some small issues with the 2d rain prefabs.


Tiling Cartoon Textures Update v1.2!

A new update has just been approved for my Tiling Cartoon Textures asset. This update adds 7 new sand and water themed textures. I have also created a demo scene to allow users to browse through the textures before purchase. Check out the demo scenes here:

— WebGL Demo —
— Web Player Demo —

Large Grass Depot logo

This is the official website for the Unity Asset Store publisher Grass Depot. I will be posting updates on what I am working on in the blog section. Feel free to comment and let me know what you might like to see next!