The Littlest Golfer

The Littlest Golfer

I worked for the company The Littlest Golfer in a team of 3 to create the intro and pilot episode for the show Turtle Links. My main responsibilities were environment modeling/texturing, rendering, and lighting. I also contributed to animation and character modeling.

Programs Used:

Maya: Modeling and UVs
Modo: Modeling and Rendering
Photoshop: Texturing
After Effects: Compositing and Editing

tlg outdoor render by David Schmeltekopf
tlg tree assets by David Schmeltekopf
tlg show render 5
tlg outdoor render by David Schmeltekopf
tlg outdoor render 2 by David Schmeltekopf
tlg screen shot
tlg show render 2
tlg show render 4
tlg show render

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