I used this project as an exercise to learn more about game development workflow and Unity. The game is a twist on Pac Man where movement is physics based. The gameplay is more forgiving than the classic. Difficulty scales over time and based on the player’s ability. There are also varying enemy types and powerups. The game is optimized for mobile devices.

You can play the game here (see the note below): I Am Coconut

*Recent changes to Chrome have removed support for the Unity Webplayer. Other popular browsers should work. I recommend trying it in Mozilla Firefox.

Programs Used:

Maya: Modeling and UVs
Photoshop: Texturing
Unity: Rendering / Scripting / Gameplay

I Am Coconut screenshot 4
I Am Coconut screenshot 3
I Am Coconut screenshot 2
I am coconut screenshot by David Schmeltekopf

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